Texas Education Agency COVID-19 Dashboard

Texas Education Agency COVID-19 data

Public schools are required to report positive COVID-19 cases on school campuses. This data will be updated weekly on Wednesdays.

*Data Notes: This set of reports provides an overview of COVID-19 cases in public schools in Texas. Cases in this report are defined as any staff member or student who participates in any on-campus activity that is test-confirmed COVID-19 of which a public school is notified. Updates for the previous Monday-Sunday are provided weekly by 5 pm CDT on Wednesdays. School calendars are set by the local education agency therefore the date of the first week of school varies by organization. Based on Local Education Agency (LEA) reports, the first day of school ranged from 7/27/20 to 9/16/20. Because data is self-reported by schools, local or publicly available information may be more up to date. Private schools are not included in this report. To protect individual privacy, case counts will be suppressed for any school district that has fewer than 50 students enrolled. Suppressed cases will be included in the statewide total. All data are provisional and subject to change. Corrections may lead to data being updated with more accurate or complete information.

Data Sources: Case data is self-reported to DSHS local and regional health departments by individual public schools.