Occupancy Load Calculator

Disclaimer: This information is for use during the City of Waco, Texas & McLennan County Coronavirus (COVID-19) response; it is not intended to replace an issued Certificate of Occupancy that has the Occupancy Load calculation.

Using the Calculator

This calculator was created as a helpful tool for businesses to determine what amount of people in their establishments would comply with the Governor's percent of occupancy rates for the Reopening Texas Plan after the COVID-19 Response.
More on the Governor's order and reopening Texas here.

The following Occupant Loads are determined by Sections 303, 1004, and Table 1004.1.2 of the International Code Council, 2015 International Building Code®.

Types of Businesses That Apply*

      • Restaurants/Cafeterias

      • Bars, Bowling Alleys, Bingo Halls

      • Libraries (reading rooms/book stacks) & Museums

      • Dental, Medical Office or Physician

      • Department Stores, Markets & Other Retail

      • Salons, Barbershops, etc.

      • Gyms, Fitness Center, etc.

      • Office Buildings

    Note: Your square footage should be available on your leases/floor plans.

    *Per Phase One of the Governor's Order.

Number of occupants allowed: