Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Masks

Waco & McLennan County encourage their residents to leave home only for essential activities. As we continue to follow the Governor's plan to reopen Texas, it is vital to practice social/physical distancing and limit activities outside your household.

How can a business be compliant with the order to wear face coverings?

  1. You must adopt a Health and Safety Policy as described in the order. At a minimum, the policy must require all employees and visitors to wear a face covering in your business when you cannot ensure sufficient social/physical distancing (6 feet between persons from different households).
  2. You must notify your employees and visitors of the policy by posting signage in a conspicuous location (for example, at the entrance to the business, in employee breakrooms, at job sites, and at points of sale).
    TEMPLATE SIGNS FOR PRINT HERE: (B&W print)  (Color print)
  3. You must implement the policy by:
    • Notifying your employees and visitors of the policy;
    • Requiring your employees to wear a face covering while at work when maintaining sufficient physical distance from another person is impossible or unlikely; and
    • Requiring visitors to wear a face covering when visiting your business or facilities.

Any concerns about enforcement (in Waco) can call (254) 750-5970.

Why did Waco City Council issue a supplement to the order requiring face coverings be worn in businesses?

It was important to the Mayor and City Council that every avenue be exhausted in order to avoid any additional shelter in place orders.

Cases continue to rise in McLennan County and Waco. In addition, in a matter of seven days, the active COVID-19 case count has increased from 25 cases on 6/12/2020 to 118 on 6/19/2020. The area also experienced its sixth fatality attributed to COVID-19 on 6/24/20.

What do I do if customers do not want to comply?

If a business has made every effort to comply with the order and the customer still refuses to wear a face covering, the business should not put their employees in a situation that creates additional conflict.

The business can choose to call the police to enforce a trespass situation or they can use their discretion based on space and distancing capabilities.

Are churches and places of worship included in this order?

No, churches and places of worship are not commercial entities. Per the order, they are not required to adopt a policy for face coverings, however we strongly encourage them to consider their use.

What does a disaster declaration mean?

Disaster Declaration is a formal statement by the jurisdiction's chief public official (i.e. Mayor, County Judge, or Governor) that a disaster or emergency situation exceeds, or is highly likely to exceed the jurisdiction’s, response capabilities.

How long does the order last?

The end is posted on the current declaration unless the City Council  extends the order.

Are there helpful tips for wearing face coverings/masks?

Cloth face coverings should:

  • Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
  • Be secured with ties or ear loops
  • Include multiple layers of fabric
  • Allow for breathing without restriction
  • Be able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape

Do I have to wear a mask if I have a medical condition?

You do not have to wear a face covering if it poses a greater mental or physical health, safety, or security risk.

  • NOTE: For privacy reasons, people can voluntarily disclose their medical condition to the business and it would be at the discretion of the business as to whether they allow entry.

However, CDC reminds the public that recent studies show that a significant portion of individuals with coronavirus lack symptoms (“asymptomatic”) and that even those who eventually develop symptoms (“pre-symptomatic”) can transmit the virus to others before showing symptoms. This means that the virus can spread between people interacting in close proximity—for example, speaking, coughing, or sneezing—even if those people are not exhibiting symptoms.