Taking Care of Your Personal Health

During this time, it is especially important to pay attention to your health.

Continue to take care of your day-to-day health needs such as taking medication for chronic health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, or cardiac illnesses. Receiving preventative care such as vaccines and screenings for serious health conditions is important as well.

If you feel sick or have concerns about your health - whether it is related to COVID-19 or not – you should reach out to your health care provider.

Below please find information from the CDC for those at higher risk, or who need to take extra precautions, or who are supporting those who need extra precautions.

People at Increased Risk for Severe Illness:

(including serious heart conditions, cancer, chronic kidney disease, COPD, obesity, sickle cell disease, Type 2 diabetes Mellitus, and solid organ transplantation)