Mental Health & Immediate Help

Emergencies, call 9-1-1

For assistance from the Heart of Texas Region MHMR call 866-752-3451

Texans Recovering Together

The Texans Recovering Together Crisis Counseling Program offers free, short-term crisis counseling by phone or tele-video for individuals, families, and groups living in McLennan, Limestone, Hill, Freestone, Falls, and Bosque counties.  To request a counselor reach out to you, please click the link: COVID-19 Counseling Request Form (link opens in new window). Or call 1-866-576-1101 toll-free.

The program is available RIGHT NOW! It’s designed to help people recover and rebuild their lives after a disaster.

COVID-19 is a declared disaster and Texans Recovering Together supports short-term interventions that involve the following counseling goals:

  • Help anybody affected by the disaster understand their current situation and reactions
  • Reduce stress and providing emotional support
  • Assisting survivors in reviewing their disaster recovery options
  • Promoting the use of or developing coping strategies
  • Connecting survivors with other people and agencies who can help in the recovery process
  • Services are FREE, anonymous, confidential, and available by virtual visit
  • Contact information: (866) 576-1101

Printable Flyers and Additional Information

The Facebook page for HOT Region MHMR has excellent resources, including printable flyers:

For Supportive Counseling

Free phone counseling is available through Heart of Texas Region MHMR. These services are free, anonymous, confidential, and supportive in nature, to assist people in identifying and accessing personal and community resources to help in recovery from stress of the pandemic.

Call 866-576-1101

Or visit our new website at:

Is COVID-19 overloading your mind? Know the signs: 

  • Elevated fear reactions regarding the disaster
  • Sleeping issues
  • Increased feelings of anxiety or depression
  • You don't feel safe when venturing out of your home

Programa de Asesoramiento en Crisis (CCP)

Nuestro apoyo para usted es:

  • Gratis
  • Anónimo
  • Confidencial
  • Indocumentado
  • Accesible con una llamada

Telefónica:  1-866-576-1101

Para obtener ayuda inmediata, llame gratis a la línea directa de crisis: (866) 752-3451

Citio de Web:

Additional Resources for Mental Health

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